Ear Piercing

At Victoria’s Jewels, ear piercings are one of our specialities. We are proud to offer FREE ear piercing with the purchase of a Studex® Starter Kit. Each person has a very unique ear shape, just like they do fingerprints. Our specialists will examine your ear prior to piercing and will advise you on the best option to ensure the fastest healing period.
We offer the best selection of earrings in a variety of styles and prices to meet any budget
(starting at $25 + tax).
Studex® Ear Piercing System is the most widely used ear piercing system in the world today.
Millions of consumers around the world trust Studex® for safe and gentle piercing. For over four
decades, Studex® has been a trusted maker of allergy free fashion earnings for people with sensitive ears.
The system was designed as an easy-to-use, disposable cartridge ear piercing system to meet
the demands of the professionals. It offers the safest ear piercing available today. Our specialists will coach you on proper cleaning and care methods for your new piercing.